"​.​.​.​and the devil will come to you with an irish accent, telling you he loves you​.​"

by Paste

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released July 9, 2013

recorded at timber studios
mixed/mastered by adam cichocki
produced by paste/adam cichocki
artwork by cinzia bernardo



all rights reserved


Paste Cliffside Park, New Jersey

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Track Name: Relapse
simple, perplexed, you are on your own
never to see anyone

you'd give everything to feel anything
but everything's made up of doubt

and all of my friends where are they now
this scene's taken everything from me

i'll wrap the sun around your neck, hold it close to your regrets
and though you've never felt content, you'd waste it all, you'll waste it all

it's lucid, reiterated, still you don't know what is real
Track Name: Maple
nothing matters anymore, this place is so redundant
my friends have all moved out of town

our wishful thinking never got us anywhere
it only pushed us to the ground

i'm trying my best but my worst gets the best of me
we're trying our best but my worst gets the best of you

disintegrating in your current state
waiting for another bottle, so you can start dreaming again
Track Name: Pony Eyes
don't drop my name
i'll keep you out of mind if you keep me out of conversation
you're just the same as everyone i used to know

i try to fall asleep but when i close my eyes
all i see are letters grinning back at me
it's time like these i'm not so sure if i'm alive
i want to take back every word i've ever said

i hope that i can hold my pride back and slowly start to subside
made up my mind and everything i used to know

you said, "grow up."
Track Name: Undo
don't want to listen
just want to take it away

just close your eyes and picture me
i'll picture you picturing me
you'll leave by noon every weekend
i'll lay restless in my bed

i don't want to leave here by tomorrow
i'd rather have you by my side
what leaves me anxious is the inevitable fact
that everything is transient

you're on your own and so am i

you're trading books with all the wrong people
you say you're better when you're doing so much worse
i can't recall the last time we both spent
it hasn't felt the same ever since your last breath

it can only breathe if you cut it in half
it wants you - it needs you - they want you - they need you

you've never felt so ordinary
is age working against you, darling
can you fall asleep next to someone you don't trust
can you fall asleep next to me